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One Boat Going, Dammit

Some days we would all get in the water and play rowboat tag. Swimming between, around, and under the boats touching someone to make them “it.” We had fun, the worst part being if you scratched yourself on a barnacle under a boat or a piling. Or if you couldn’t swim, Yes, in the 70’s we played games in the water and didn’t know how to swim. You could never do this now. Swimming underwater is something you don’t do in the Navesink anymore. And who would even think of going in the water without swimming lessons?

Look Both Ways

In 1974, my dad was hit by a car at the corner of River Road and First Street in Rumson. It happened in from of the Rumson Pharmacy and What’s Your Beef?” It was early on a Monday morning.

Garbage Truck Summer

I had a great career in my adult life. I worked my ass off, had some luck, and a good idea or two that helped some businesses along the way. There were some lows but mostly progressive highs. My best job was working on the back of the Rumson garbage truck during my college summer vacations.

Piping Rock, Pop 

The gang of kids on my street were always in trouble, I was a part of the mayhem most of the time but liked to remain a little distant. The fear of getting the shit beat out of me by my father just too influential.

Wiseman’s Sea Bright

And that’s the quality of small-town stores, people, products and experiences. Sea Bright had and has that quality. So does Grafton, VT, for me. Think about those small towns and what brought you to them and soon you will miss them more than every.

Don’s Ride on the Magic Bus

Why would you recommend taking a drug out of nowhere? The question here is what are you trying to fight or avoid. We have a right to know if our leaders are sick and what they might be suffering.

Mansion on the Hill

Understanding what is essential takes some living, which is hardly an original or new way of thinking. Where you live only makes a difference to the collective bunch who think where you live is essential. As we age, we often widen our perspective on life. One of the things that does is allow you to justify how a life’s worth of decisions and actions come together, kind of like a plan. The result is being able to reconcile what we did wasn’t random.

The Good Life

What is vital to living a good life? I say, living without reservation. To be able to feel when...

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