Career Decades: Why Have Many?

Do you think of your career regarding the decades related to your chronological age? You know, 20’s, 30’s and on to your what? 60’s. How about 70’s or 80’s? Beyond that? Do you have the nerve to think this way? Should you think of working and being active forever? You know, as long as you can and still be productive. I will bet you Warren Buffet (86) does, Pope Francis (80) too. How about Ruth Bader Ginsberg (84)?

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About the author: Christian J. Farber and wife Susan live in Tinton Falls, NJ. Their home is near the shore where they spend a lot of time at the beach with their three boys. Chris is a featured and contributing author on many social media platforms. These include Thrive Global, Huffington Post, Good Men Project and LinkedIn. Chris has had a long career in Marketing and Sales. He is a visionary thinker on business development. Chris has a reputation for building high-performing marketing and sales teams. His unique management style focuses on allowing people to perform without pressure or interference. Chris led many successful teams and performed transformation work at State Street Bank. Further, he has had success at start-up companies like Albridge Solutions. At Albridge, Chris was an early employee and helped lead the company’s dramatic growth. Albridge, acquired by PNC Bank in 2008 for more than $300 million, is now a unit of The Bank of New York.

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